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Opportunity To Supply Groceries

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An opportunity is now available to supply groceries to the¬†Department Of Correctional Services. Don’t miss out!

Maize Meal +/- 15230 KG (305x50KG)
Maize Rice +/- 5370 KG (108x50KG)
Golden Syrup +/-2300KG (92x25KG)
Peanut Butter +/- 960KG (48x20KG)
Yellow Spread Margarine +/-3450KG (138x25KG)
Jam Mixed Fruit +/- 1425KG (57x25KG)
Full Cream Powdered Milk +/- 4275KG (171x25KG)
Brown Sugar +/- 5505KG (221x25KG)
Oats (Rolled Oats) +/- 1650KG (66x25KG)
Brown Bread Flour +/- 294KG (6x50KG)
White Vinegar +/- 268LT (54x5LT)
Sunflower Oil +/-560LT (28x20LT)
Black Tea (Loose) +/-200KG (10x20KG)
Coffee +/- 150KG (8x20KG)
Fruit Drink Powder +/- 975KG (39x25KG)
Table Salt (Fine) +/- 120KG (3x50KG)
Soup Powder +/-1470KG (59x25KG)
Gravy Powder +/- 1100KG (44x25KG)
Samp +/- 1400 KG (28x50KG)

Please see attached document for specs.

You can also contact:

Pico Mokhasi

Madiengoane Business Enterprise

Ck No: 2014/122194/07

Tel: 0733408293/ 0791157675

Address: 13b Zambezi street, Randlespark, Klerksdorp, 2570

P.O.Box 1178, Klerksdorp 5270

Email: madiengoane@gmail.com/picomokhasi@gmail.com