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We would like to be able to find markets that are outside of South Africa where the need for such a product also exists.

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After taking a very critical look at the market for juice concentrate 3 years ago, it was clear to us that a gap existed for a product that was able to help consumers maintain stable blood sugar levels. This is highlighted by the fact that one of the main causes of Type 2 Diabetes is the consumption of carbonated soft drinks (CSD’s) by people. This and the consumption of many other high energy foods has given way to a very high incidence of obesity and Diabetes. This is a world wide trend.
We at Nandi Beverages have set out to develop and market an alternative soft drink that has a low glyceamic load(Low GL), and is low GI.
Lamberti’s Low GI juice is a product that has after extensive scientific and clinical testing, been endorsed by DSA(Diabetes South Africa), as well as the GI Foundation of South Africa. We have many customers who buy our product specifically because of the fact that they have found that it helps them to maintain stable blood sugar levels.
All test results are available on request.