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Agro Royal

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AGRO ROYAL is an Argentine company located in Coronel Pringles – to the south-west of the Province of Buenos Aires – . We are placed in the main and wealthiest sunflower region in the country – though such location does not exclude other specialty crops.

The company is made up by a highly qualified work team with long-term experience in the export business and engaged in planting, production, processing, marketing, trade and logistics, all outstanding tools which ensure an overall development of high quality products.

In addition, our expertise and thorough knowledge of local and overseas markets enables us to constantly probe into a vast range of different options. Thus, we are able to offer our own products and supply others to meet customers� current and future needs.

In face of ongoing market challenges we are constantly carrying out research in the agro-industrial business, and introducing cutting-edge technology and top-level equipment so as to develop innovative products which comply with the highest quality farm standards.

We work together with native, highly trained professionals specialized in the individual traits and requirements of each field thus allowing for a most competitive cost-effective price at harvest time .

We also probe into the futures market , which performs outstandingly in product and commodities trade.

With a fast-growing local reputation for excellence, AGRO ROYAL is thus committed to working out timely solutions for its customers in line with their growing needs, both locally and abroad.

We export to more 50 countries worldwide, and the number of customers keeps growing. This calls for non-stopping growth and updated know-how as to the individual traits of our customers. We aim at providing the international market with fast and flexible responses.

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