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Arrow logistics

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Arrow Logistics is a family owned business with a wealth of 30 years worth of experience in logistics.


Arrow Logistics is a national company with its head office situated in Bloemfontein, Free State. This central location enables it to provide a more effective service throughout the country and allows it to enjoy a minimum 95% service level delivery with all of its clients.

Focus is directed towards transportation, logistics and distribution throughout South Africa. In addition to efficient and cost-effective local and cross-border transportation services in various industries,  strategic logistics solutions for all Fast Moving Consumer Goods throughout the Free State and Northern Cape is also provided.

The company currently provides National Line-Haul transportation services throughout South Africa for a wealth of clients, including the South African Post Office, Transnet Soc Ltd and the Department of Education.




We offer in-depth knowledge, understanding, direction and strategy in the transportation and logistics industries. Creating third-party distribution centres in the Free State and Northern Cape is part of our specialty. We understand the importance of building strong and dedicated client relationships in every region.


We possess sound knowledge of transportation, logistics and courier systems i.e. distribution and administration, including delivery standards, handling of returns and handling of claims.

Business Experience

Our management have over 30 years’ industry experience in operations, as well as servicing leading logistics companies in the country and throughout the Southern Africa region.

Contact Us
phone-icon   +27 51 434 2180
email-icon   arrow@arrowlogistics.co.za
website-icon   www.arrowlogistics.co.za