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BioZest (Pty) Ltd

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The Biozest product concept of functional foods began all the way back in 1999 when a physiologist was diagnosed with diabetes. As a scientist who deals with the body’s internal “communication” systems, he knew he could not control his symptoms or improve his quality of life by only taking drugs. He also had to change his lifestyle. But this was easier said than done, back in 1999 he realised there were no real functional foodstuffs available on store shelves. To assist his diabetic physiologist friend in his quest for functional foods the founder of Biozest, with the assistance of many other scientists, started to research and test South Africa’s first functional food product. A year later a small scale production of the first product started – the birth of Biozest.

To assist Biozest product users even further, the team of scientists also developed a practical and proven dietary regimen based on freely available foods which, in combination with Biozest functional food products, offer consumers a complete, convenient, and effective lifestyle solution. Inspired by the effectiveness of Biozest functional food products, but annoyed with the difficulties experienced by his diabetic friends due to the limited availability, the successful South African entrepreneur Sibusiso Tshabalala partnered with the original small scale manufacturing operation of Biozest in 2014. Setting himself the goal to grow the production capacity and availability of Biozest products because as he put it: “why is this effective, natural solution not freely available to everyone suffering from diabetes symptoms? Every diabetic and everyone else who cares about living a healthy lifestyle has the right to convenient access to Biozest functional food products.”

Biozest is South Africa’s first unique energy management drink filled with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, electrolytes & minerals. Biozest assists in sustained energy, weight loss, blood glucose control and hydration.

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