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“Bom Bik” – one of the largest producers of confectionery in Ukraine. The main principle of “Bom Bik” is to improve the taste of our customers. Furthemore, we offer delicious sweets handmade using natural ingredients. From a small company to a leader in the production of handmade confectionery.
“Bom Bik” began its path of small companies with small batches confectionery handmade. But thanks to the successful management and team of professionals, the company managed to win the favor of consumers. In addition, we have had an increase in production capacity. Also, we use modern equipment. Today ,the company has indisputable leadership position in its segment in Ukraine and abroad. And unmatched handmade biscuits valued by millions of grateful customers.
Since then the range of “Bom Bik” is growing and produces 180 kinds of high quality confectionery products that are familiar to consumers in 8 countries.

Bom Bik top quality products

Impeccable taste and highest quality begins with the unique recipes and ideas. most delicious cookies for Ukrainian families worldwide. We take the best that is in the world of confectionery and supplement it with their secret recipes, Ukrainian confectioners pass from generation to generation. The natural ingredients without preservatives and GMOs, impeccable handmade, European production technology certified production – a guarantee of high quality products.

Modern technology and centuries-old traditions of Ukrainian confectionery

Among Ukrainian manufacturers of confectionery “Bom Bik” are one of the most innovative companies in the segment. In addition, “Bom side” constantly introduces new technology. Furthermore, we improve the formulation and quality control. There are new products that have sophisticated design, good taste, providing a good reputation from customers both in Ukraine and abroad. Handmade Cookies – a true taste of a happy childhood.
We are entering the markets in Europe, CIS and Central Asi. Also, cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the World Bank (IFC) confirm our product quality, reliability and of international recognition.
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