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Cash Processing Technologies

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Cash Processing Technologies purchased the business of Tellermate Africa (Pty) Ltd who had been trading for over 10 years in South Africa. The purchase of the business included the retention of all staff and management thereby guaranteeing that service levels and expertise remained within the business. Cash Processing Technologies is still associated with the Tellermate Group (based in UK) in that we are the exclusive supplier of Tellermate equipment, support and accessories.

We are the leading provider of cash counting equipment and solutions to the Financial, Retail and QSR industries. In introducing our solutions we have typically been able to improve efficiency, accuracy, security, and time spent on daily cash counting tasks.

Our large customer base includes top Retailers, QSR’s, Cash and Carry’s and Financial institutions. We will gladly provide customer references where required.

Cash Processing Technologies is represented in Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape, PE/EL, KZN, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia.

Cash Processing Technologies (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive supplier of Tellermate and numerous other cash counting products in South Africa and neighbouring countries. We specialise in the sale and support of cash counting equipment (notes and coins) including counterfeit detection devices.

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