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Cherish Fruit World

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The founders hit upon the CHERISH name in 2010. They thought of it as something that would nourish and at the same time keep it healthy, sweet and have passion. It is CHERISH philosophy that “health, passion, sweetness” enriches a child’s life and its subsequent adulthood. Furthermore, with this in mind, CHERISH fruit world has become and markets a wide range of products. These are all on the same basic philosophy of health, passion, sweetness.

True to its motto – health, passion, sweetness– Cherish Fruit World emphasizes the importance of high quality throughout its 2 year history. Also, it ensuring that consumers return to cherish products again and again. At the same time the cherish system combines many thousands of nutritious elements easily in innumerable ways just by blending.

Cherish produces a diverse line of fresh fruit juices, smoothies and fruit salads.

Our business continues to thrive as we fulfill our mission to deliver top quality fruit juices, smoothies and fruit salads. We manufacture these under guidelines of integrity and with respect to our environment, our customers and our fellow employees.

Furthermore, our juices, smoothies and salads are a luscious natural source of natural vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. Also, Cherish takes pride in producing a line of freshly pressed 100% premium juices, and smoothies free of additives or artificial ingredients of any kind.

Legana Still Water.

We at cherish fruit world ltd have also a diverse line of still water known as ‘Legana’.

The Idea.

The idea to provide Legana Still Water in the market arose from our other products which are fresh juices, smoothies and fruit salads. Lead by our dignified belief to distribute natural products, we envisioned a business idea of bottling and distributing hygienic water. Legana still water plant was therefore, provides people with this quality product.

The Product.

Legana Still Water gets its exceptional qualities from the purity of its source found in Kerio valley. Protected under a fortress of geological layers, it slowly travels through a natural purifying filter. Untouched by man and free from pollution, its microbiological masterpiece is flawlessly sound. Every day, samples are taken at over 20 different points between the protected catchment areas. Also, the on-site bottling plant to ensure consistent quality, from the spring to you. We collect Legana still water locally and bottled daily.

Contact Us
phone-icon   +254 701 079 593
email-icon   talk2us@cherishfruitworld.co.ke
website-icon   www.cherishfruitworld.co.ke

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