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Grandino SAC

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Grandino SAC planting and harvesting quinoa in the district of Curahuasi, located less than 60 kilometers from the Citadel of Macchu Picchu. This is a place that offers perfect climatic and agricultural benefits,. Also, it’s where the purity of heaven and earth offers a high quality grain.

This quinoa, in turn, is processed in the plant. Thus, resulting from the combination of nature and technology, a product that meets the highest international quality standards, as evidenced by the certificates lines shown below.

Before long, we have managed to export to Asia and South America. We hope to expand our presence in both the domestic and foreign market.

Grandino SAC specializes in providing tolling services for large and small businesses in industries grains and beans.

We work closely with our clients to offer customized solutions that meet their outsourcing requirements. Adapting our production lines and developing exclusive products with high quality. That is, according to your requirements. Our Sales and Production team will work with you to realize your ideas.

Our plant cleaning, sorting, optical sorting, packaging, with leading technology, allow us to make large production runs as small production volumes. That is, with the flexibility to work products according to the need of your market. We invite you to visit our facilities to learn more about what Grandino SAC can do for you.

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