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Happen is a global innovation agency that enables ambitious brands in the highly crowded and competitive FMCG, Retail and OTC markets to grow your business  through innovation.

What do Happen consider to be innovation?

At Happen, we help you define what success means to you and what innovative practices and techniques you can adopt to be market leaders in your segment.

Why we’re the best at growing your business through innovation

We will work together with you to clearly map out the customer journey, highlight unmet consumer needs, gaps and opportunities in your markets. We do this by using a series of proven innovation techniques and proprietary IP that can be tuned and contextualised for your business and are focused on creating innovation solutions ready to launch on time and on budget.

Let us help you:

  • Protect – what you have by staying fresh and continuously relevant to your consumers
  • Grow – your share by encouraging your consumers to buy more, attracting new consumers from other brands and categories
  • Transform – markets and brands by shaping a future through new categories, products and services

Get in touch with one of our experts today.

Many organisations struggle at the first hurdle, which is how to clearly define and identify the business challenge and recognise the type of innovation and behavioural change needed of the consumer. It’s also easy to ignore emerging signals of change in the market that could be used, as well as forgetting about the obstacles to success in terms of limitations in R&D, the channel and, of course, the budget. Plainly speaking, if you don’t frame the innovation challenge at the start, it’s all too easy to focus on the wrong things and fail to deliver on the business objective.

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