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Han Tide Biomedical Corporation

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Han Tide Biomedical Corporation was born on wide R & D teams coordination and clinical experiment resources. These were from Chinese and Western countries. Thus, combining traditional Chinese medicine and Modern biomedical technology in modern society.

We expect to provide healthier and more colorful “LOHAS” life for people who live in the changeable environment and various pressures.

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We are hard-working to develop and provide series of healthy, creative beauty, medical-care products to you. Furthermore, they are based on our managing concepts– health, safety, profession, creation and responsibility. These are also our missions.

Therefore, we would like to invite YOU sincerely to join our Han Tide Biomedical Corp global teamwork. We are an innovative development or marketing cooperation to upgrade the valuable industry by win-win strategy.

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email-icon   sales@han-tide.com
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