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International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd

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As a prestigious member of The Capital Maharaja Organisation, International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd. carries a longstanding history in bringing world renowned consumer products for the local market.

The manufacturing plant located in Ja-Ela is well equipped with modern state-of-the-art machinery for all manufacturing measures. Furthermore, we provide shelter to a range of foremost brand names such as Eva. Eva is the market leader in sanitary napkin business with the highest share in the country. Also, we shelter Black Knight – colognes and aftershaves dominating the male personal care market with a longstanding history. Voodoo – a trendsetter in the female personal care segment for the past 50 years. And Rebecca Lee – a brand that has won the hearts of thousands of mothers for decades as a catalyst in the baby care range has propelled the company’s name to greater heights.

International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd are not just manufacturers

Apart from the above stated brands, the International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd also functions as a distributor for Colgate Toothpaste – a world renowned dental care product and Dabur – a major player in the Indian market in producing natural hair oil, natural shampoo and nutritious fruit juice products for the modern trade market.

We import ingredients we use for all products from high-end suppliers across UK, France, Italy, USA and Germany. Furthermore, we do this in order to maintain high quality standards in all products that reach the end-consumer. As a team, we focus on continued dedication in offering versatile products to the market and end-consumer. Being a forefront organization, we monitor the factory operations strictly. Also, we generate daily reports on production performance.So, the organization’s production hierarchy drills down through several quality checking stages. We take such measures to ensure that only the perfect product reaches our consumers.

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