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Kompass International

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Kompass serves companies all over the world, whatever their size, to help them develop their business.


Kompass boosts business development.

Whether a large corporation or small business that wants to develop its local market or to export its know-how abroad, Kompass puts a unique worldwide database at its clients’ disposal with its prospecting assistance tools and direct marketing solutions. Market analysis, sales mapping, targeting, internal database optimisation, preparation of prospecting files, mailing, emailing, … Kompass can support its clients’ marketing and sales teams at each stage of their business development task.

Kompass enhances visibility.

With its worldwide scope, the quality and diversity of its content, the efficiency of its search engine, and the pertinence of its business classifications, the new is one of the reference information supports on companies worldwide. Today, the platform can offer effective solutions that enhance a company’s visibility on its sector of business and target markets, whether local or for export).

Kompass facilitates and securitises corporate decision-making.

The emergence of the information society has greatly increased the role of collecting, processing and interpreting data all along the decision-making chain. The Kompass database is structured to constitute an especially high-performance tool for knowing the industries, the competition, the markets, the players, production… With the addition of new data technologies, new methods of analysis and visualisation, Kompass produces “better data” and is now able to offer managers solutions to securitise and accelerate their decision-making.

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