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La Abuela Carmen

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La Abuela Carmen have dedicated more than thirty years to the farming, production and handling of garlic. Furthermore, once harvested, our garlic goes through a natural drying process. After this, the stems and roots are cut, something we continue to do by hand. We then transport the garlic to our warehouses. This is where we store and sort it  in optimal conditions. Our farm spans from the Subbetica and Morena mountain ranges to the Guadalquivir valley.

La Abuela Carmen are world leaders in ecological garlic production, being certified organic farmers since 1999.

We also have a state-of-the-art processing plant, where we produce pre-prepared garlic products such as peeled garlic, garlic paste, tinned, fried or aged black garlic. By offering a variety of products, we supply to a wide market of consumers, including the restaurant and industrial sector.

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