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Lakeland Food Company

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Lakeland has established its position in the market, by manufacturing a wide range of stabilised fruit and savoury preparations that have achieved both local and international recognition. These include preparations with fruit pieces suitable for yoghurt, ice cream or confectionery toppings and fillings, as well as flavoured sauces for smooth applications for drinking yoghurts and flavoured milk.

Lakeland is the market leader with regards to savoury applications for soft cheeses and dips. This is evident from the number of leading South African brands that use our products. These include, Lancewood, Woolworths, Spar , Pick n Pay and Fairfield.

Lakeland has developed a range of marinades and sauces that are utilised by the butchery, hospitality and food service market. This has been achieved using tried and tested recipes as well as new innovative ones that are in keeping with a consumer market that has become more discerning.

Whether our customers’ requirements are that of indulgent treat or savoury blend, Lakeland has the experience and creativity to produce recipes and ultimately product that is customer specific.

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