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Neon International Traders

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Neon International Traders is a company recognized as one of the foremost Wheat Products and Soya Products exporter in the world. We export to more than 25 countries. Furthermore, Neon International Traders has latest Process Technology. Also, we have a strong R&D base to become the supplier of largest range of Soya and wheat ingredients in Asia. The company that makes every effort to deliver better products to add more life.

We are one of the biggest exporter in Southern India

We are among all of Soya and Wheat based nutrition producer. In addition, we partner with farmers to grow the right crops. And, we work with the industry to find the right solution. Furthermore, we listen to the consumer to serve the right nutrition options. Hence, we excel at B2B relationships. Also, we offer tailor made solutions to our customers for decades. Because we have a deep understanding, we can reach into the farmer community. Therefore, obtaining quality products made available at competitive prices. In addition, we believe in constant innovation. Innovation that brings down costs compresses delivery time and improves quality.

The objective of Neon International Traders Global is to provide cost effective material in the competitive market. Also, these should adhere to strict quality standard with time delivery. In conclusion, we are also raising our efforts to gain total costumers satisfaction.

We deliver the Best.

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