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The origins of Nucete date back to 1947, when the first members of this family settled down in the Arauco Valley (La Rioja ), more precisely, at the bottom of the Velazco chain. There onwards, thanks to the optimal weather, soil, and water conditions, a pioneering industry emerged, which later extended its agricultural and industrial area, also establishing in the province of Mendoza, in the district of Guaymallén. In this way it grew day by day until Nucete became a leader, taking to the Argentine tables the authentic flavor of the best Mediterranean olive: delicious, nutritive, and suitable for many uses.

The founder of the company, José Nucete Santiago, was born in Andalucía (Spain) and, as many other immigrants who arrived in the country by the mid last century, eagerly sew these lands full of dreams and a lot of work. This gave rise to one of the oldest companies of this industry, the corporation of which is still in the hands of the Nucete ‘s family, already in its third generation.

Nowadays, the presence of the company goes beyond the frontiers and its products are exported to many countries. By combining tradition and technological evolution, the quality of the Nucete’s products keeps mainly reflecting the result of two factors: the usage of the Argentine olive, carefully controlled by its technicians and the meticulousness in the manufacturing and packaging process.

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