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PEZ Production Europe

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PEZ Production Europe Ltd. is a 100 % subsidiary of the PEZ AG. produce effervescent tablets since 1999, vitamintablets and sweetener based on the know-how with own team including granulating, pressing and packaging.

We are marketleader of effervescent division in Hungary and in the Czech Republik. Represent through distribution partners in more than 50 countries, like Hungary, Slowakia, Czech Republik, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Austria, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Israel, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cyprus, Greece.

The number of the distribution partners is continuously increasing.

Contact Us
phone-icon   +36 96/565-110
email-icon   office@pezproduction.eu
website-icon   www.pezproduction.eu