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Suprema Biometrics

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SUPREMA’s innovative products are engineered from our leading technology, quality design and manufacturing. Our biometric technologies don’t just meet, but well exceed customers’ expectations. Our innovation leads the market and changes the whole industry.

With SUPREMA the technology becomes your success

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometric recognition and identity management solutions, with representation in 100 countries and distribution of over half a million fingerprint products worldwide.  Designed for general business and security purposes, including fingerprint OEM modules, live capture and passport solutions, access control devices, time & attendance systems and software, Suprema more than lives up to its name.

SUPREMA in Africa

Suprema is implemented in more than ten African countries. neaMetrics has been a distributor of Suprema products in Southern Africa since 2006, when it was drawn to Suprema’s unparalleled client support and sustained willingness to adapt its products to suit the African market: since 2006 alone, Suprema has released more than 20 new fingerprint products and even more enhancements to existing products.

neaMetrics’ focused involvement with Suprema products, together with its dedicated customer support, offers its current and future distribution network huge growth potential, and neaMetrics welcomes all enquiries from interested integrators and distribution partners.

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