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We believe we’ve got a lot to talk about and Buzz the Bee, our Brand Ambassador, has been recruited to make this happen. He is caring and industrious. His Sylko Honeycomb™ is one of nature’s strongest and most efficient designs. Buzz and his honeycomb are symbols of Sylko’s commitment to quality.

What we do?

We make it possible to prepare and present eats and treats with the utmost of ease. Household foils and containers, wraps, plates, cups, cutlery and baking cases – we have it all.


How we do it?

No half measures, we are the best in category – we have the following accreditation to attest to our world class standards.


ISO 9001:2008 

FSC chain of custody*

Kosher *


What we believe in:

Responsible, ethical business in all that we do.

One such example includes use of recyclable materials and recycling where possible. We consistently focus on reduction of waste and take environmental sustainability in to consideration when evaluating suppliers.

To this end we are FSC chain of custody* accredited.