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Terra Madre SA

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We love the earth! We want to eat clean & healthy food. We aim to live consciously, follow sustainable practices and contribute to our wonderful country and more specifically, our wonderful province, Gauteng. We source produce from small farmers all around Gauteng but only DELIVER to Pretoria. If you are from Johannesburg and would like to order you are welcome to collect.

How do we do this?

By sourcing and supplying only healthy, organic, free-range, non GM produce.We commit to only buy produce within 200km of Gauteng and support local farmers (carbon foot print management and slow food principles)By using biodegradable or recycled packagingBy educating South Africans on sustainable living and healthy eating we hope to assist in a healthier country and environment.

By purchasing our products and supporting us, you won’t only be eating healthier, you will be contributing to a healthier Pretoria and the uplifting of entrepreneurs and urban ‘natural’ farmers.

*Natural – our loose term for healthy, organic, clean, free-range, non GM 🙂

Contact Us
phone-icon   +27 82 602 2882
email-icon   terramadresa@gmail.com
website-icon   www.terramadresa.com