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Fundamentals of the Sultan by Sultan STAR Group was laid in 1945 in Rize. Initially only collects the first company Sultan marketing within the sales and marketing function groups and consumers manufacturer of addressing the different product groups within the Sultan STAR increasingly centralized management with the organization expanded its scope and son Rize moved to Istanbul.

Father Sultan YILDIZ working together in an intense work pace and Sultan Marketing into one of Turkey’s most important distributors and honor Selahattin STAR, Inc. and Life Tibetan Sultan’s food production function, adding the organization within the Group also he won. Ethical any time without compromising on value, great patience and effort working Sultan Selahattin Group’s management of the company in 1979 upon the death of Sultan star playing a leading role in achieving today’s strong position and took over the Honour STAR.Selahattin star STAR Honor in 2001 with the right to attain the mercy of the Sultan’s continued position as Chairman of the Group Executive Board.

Today Sultans continued to operate with about 2,000 employees in Kurtköy is located in 63,000 m2 of HACCP and ISO 9001 certificates have modern production facilities and float in the 30,000 m2 distribution warehouse group, being a leading company in many sectors in the country, exports in 55 different countries abroad the pride of doing, is taking decisive steps towards its goal of becoming a regional power.

STAR is the third generation of the representatives of the family Faruk stars and the Mujahid star of the Board of Directors Vice President Sultan noted significant progress towards the institutionalization along with assuming the Group, each competent in their fields, institutions and staff believed wholeheartedly success, strong knowledge, ethical values To benefit from the commitment and the steps that the country’s economy after another horse to carry itself into the next year and 100% Turkish capital will take place in the international arena as an organization.

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